Switchback SL-4V Case Packer

Case packer

Our high-speed, robotic Switchback SL-4V case packer can handle applications of all kinds. It’s customisable for almost any product and configuration, scaling with you into the future.

As an authorised FANUC robot integrator, we offer a wide array of 6-axis, SCARA and Delta robots for high-speed robotic pick-and-place. If the application dictates it, we can also utilise our own gantry robot design with Allen Bradley Kinetix servo drives for ultimate control. 

Case packer

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Sample packaging applications



Rigid products




Features and benefits

  • Robotic case packing platform
  • Robust construction
  • FANUC robot loading
  • High-speed pick-and-place
  • Flexible product handling
  • Ability to use different robot styles

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Be first-to-market with a scalable, robust solution.

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