Langen TRF-200

Tray former

Are your customers looking for a more sustainable solution then single-used plastic trays? With the Langen TRF-200, we can offer you a solution that can keep up with your production demands and fit in with your current production line layout. Designed for quick and efficient tray formed style carton trays at speeds of up to 200 trays per minute, making it the ideal solution for high-volume production lines.

The Langen TRF-200 is built with precision and reliability in mind. Its robust construction and advanced engineering ensure that it can withstand even the most demanding production environments. The machine is easy to operate and maintain, with user-friendly controls and minimal downtime required for maintenance.

But what sets the Langen TRF-200 apart is its small footprint. It can form a wide variety of tray styles and sizes on a footprint of 2,5×1,2m. This means that you can use the Langen TRF-200 to replace the plastic tray de-nesters or work with them on the same footprint.

Investing in the Langen TRF-200 from Mpac is not only an investment in the future of your production line but it is also helps you reducing your carbon footprint and achieving your sustainability goals. Contact us today to learn more about how the Langen TRF-200 can benefit your production line.

Tray former

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Tray design

Can handle a range of different tray designs and carton materials, such as:

  • F-flute cartons
  • Full board cartons
  • Angled or straight side walls
  • Trays with dividers
  • Flaps glued on the outside






Features and Benefits

  • High speed, 200 trays/min
  • Low cost of ownership, Minimal change parts
  • Small footprint, fits easy in factory layouts
  • Fast changeover, within 15 minutes.

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