Very flexible to allow for cube style packs

Automatic magazine loading system only needs reloading every 45v minutes

Change overs only take 15 minutes

Solution highlights

Collation, grouping, and infeed system

  • Two servo driven infeed system including rotating units, and correction systems
  • Flexible system to allow cube style packs
  • Automatic Magazine Loading system for 45 minutes running without reloading


  • 5-head rotary feeder with pre break
  • Overhead compression unit
  • Correct flap closure system with automatic reject
  • 15 minutes size change over for optimized efficiency

Challenges summarised

  • Seamless integration with folding equipment
  • Very high speed configuration

Requirements summarised

  • Clips 200 x 105 mm and 105 x 105 mm at various heights
  • Up to 400 clips per minute
  • Flexibility to change between different packaging
Facial tissues packaged in regular & cube style cartons at very high speed

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