Customer benefits

High-end product quality

Pre-sized carton magazine for rapid changeovers

Up to 400 cartons per minute

Flat and cube grade configurations

Touch screen HMI for easy operation

Upstream integration

Hygienic design

Easy access

Operator friendly


Facial tissue manufacturer.


To integrate fully automated cartoner with upstream folding equipment. The solution needed to be capable of handling cube cartons and regular-style facial tissue packs, as well as improving operational efficiency.


Mpac’s facial tissue packing machine balanced the need to boost throughput, while keeping cube carton damage to a minimum.

Installation of a customised secondary packaging solution provided the required combination of speed, compact footprint, flexibility and large carton handling capabilities. Designed specifically for facial tissue applications, it ensured the folded stacks of tissues could be received smoothly from the converting machine, via two servo-driven infeed systems.

Plus, with a pre-sized carton magazine for quick changeovers, downtime was kept to a minimum.

A high standard of on-shelf presentation was maintained thanks to intelligent packaging features, which are designed to avoid dents or scratches to the cartons and retain shape integrity – benefits which are essential for these visible consumer products.

Facial tissues packaged in regular & cube style cartons at very high speed

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