Canned Beverages

Are you a canned beverage entrepreneur wanting to scale up your business? Then look no further. We’ve crafted the perfect can cartoner for you.

Demand for plastic packaging alternatives has propelled the growth of can-packed products. But this relentless pressure can overwhelm external can packaging partners, which takes the fizz out of your beverage business.

The answer? By controlling your can cartoning in-house, you can keep up with demand and rapidly adapt to sudden changes. Our world-class end load cartoners are engineered to meet the needs of canned beverage connoisseurs. Whatever your beverage speciality – beer or wine, seltzer or kombucha, caffeinated or carbonated – our high-speed machines pack your products into retail-ready crates for thirsty consumers.

Our cartoning capabilities include:

> Packing individual loose drinks into retail-ready crates.

> Loading crates onto trays.

> Palletising loaded trays for distribution.

Crate it to make it:

> Scale up your start-up

Our world-class cartoners handle higher output volumes than standard, supporting you on your journey to becoming a bigger force in the market. 

> Retail- and shelf-ready 

Get your canned beverage onto the racks of retailers and satisfy demand with lightning-fast format changes for pack sizes, varieties, and quantities. 

> Boxed is better

Make the transition from individual cans to neatly stacked crates, which market your product and elevate your brand presence. 

Industry-leading Benefits



  • Efficiently runs a range of crate sizes and heights: including 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 and 24-pack patterns.
  • Bespoke optimisation to suit your output needs.


  • Product infeed and machine lanes precisely sort different product varieties into one crate.


  • Provides a planet-friendly alternative to plastic ring holders and glass bottles.
  • Leading the transition to packaging aluminium cans in chipboard cartons.


  • Heavy-duty design for high performance and longevity.
  • Boasts higher product volumes: up to 70 cartons per minute.

Watch our canning cartoners in action

Discover our streamlined, can cartoning process.

Discover how cans travel from lane to crate.

Our Approach

Forget what you know about the limits of canned beverage cartoners. Whether you require standard or tailored solution, our industry-leading packaging machines can help your business become a bigger force in the market. We go above and beyond to ensure our can cartoners are robust, stable and scalable to give you the most cost-effective solution available with the highest equipment efficiency.

Contact our world-leading engineers

Our world-class can cartoners support every stage of your evolution. To discuss your requirements with a member of our friendly team, get in touch by filling out the enquiry form opposite.