Corporate Governance

MPAC GROUP PLC (“Mpac” or the “Company”)

To view Mpac Group plc’s Application of the QCA Corporate Governance Code document please click here.

(The information in this statement was last reviewed on 8 June 2022)

As chairman of the Company, I have pleasure in presenting the corporate governance statement for 2021.

The QCA Corporate Governance Code 2018 (“QCA Code”)

The Board is collectively responsible to shareholders of the Company for the effective oversight and long-term success of the Company. The Board believes that sound governance is fundamental to this and has chosen to follow the QCA Corporate Governance Code since 2018. 

However, the Board recognises that corporate governance is not a static process and that there is a need to ensure that policies and practices are kept under review to ensure that we do meet the required standards and that this area develops in line with the growth and overall strategic plans for the Group. The Board considers that the policies, procedures and relevant systems, which have been implemented to date, have given us a firm foundation for our governance structure. 

During 2021, the Company believes that it has complied with the 10 principles set out within the QCA code. 

Andrew Kitchingman


Mpac Group plc

8 June 2022