Switchback WA-25 Wrap Around Case Packer Machine

Wrap Around Case Packer

The Switchback WA-25 case packer machine serves as our machine platform for wrap-around case packing. With a servo side-load, the Switchback WA-25 (and Switchback WA-15) can handle a wide array of products and corrugated wrap-around cases.

We have built machines that handle 6’ long case blanks, so the size of your product or case never a limiting factor. Almost every customisable machine has a unique product in-feed, collation and control solution required. What’s more, it’s rugged, heavy-duty design is built to withstand the most difficult environments.

Wrap Around Case Packer

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Sample packaging applications


Heat sealed jars

Floor tile stacks

Snack foods



Wound materials

Features and benefits

  • Pass-through construction
  • Extended motorised case magazine
  • Interlocked barrier guarding
  • CompactLogix PLC controller
  • OEM hot melt glue system
  • Elevated frame for sanitation
  • Mechanical or servo indexing
  • Colour touch screen
  • Casters and levelling legs
  • Detent jam protection clutch
  • Case carrier flight chain
  • 2HP AC inverted drive motor
  • Servo product loader
  • Handles up to 25 cases per minute
  • Optional case coding

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