The importance of sustainable manufacturing

Protecting our planet is fast becoming a priority for everyone; consumers look to sustainable brands, and brands look to more sustainable manufacturers who can boost their value and offering. And with consumers paying more attention to the environmental impact of...

Protecting our planet is fast becoming a priority for everyone; consumers look to sustainable brands, and brands look to more sustainable manufacturers who can boost their value and offering. And with consumers paying more attention to the environmental impact of products and services, green consumerism will only rise. This means that now, more than ever, businesses need to adapt to remain relevant in our changing world. Thankfully, Mpac help businesses do just that.

As a global company, our automation ecosystems play a huge part in enhancing manufacturing in the modern world. And with many parts, in many countries, we believe it is our responsibility to protect the wider ecosystem in which we all live. From building efficient machines with unstoppable OEE to embracing greener materials, we act on the universal shift towards more sustainable ways of working and help improve productivity.

Our team of fresh thinkers are committed to making unnecessary waste a thing of the past, and our Continuous Improvement Programme allows us to develop efficient products and services. This includes reducing the amount of single-use plastics throughout the manufacturing production line, a challenge many businesses face today. So when a leading electronics brand wanted to remove ‘pointless plastics’ from their batteries, we developed a greener, faster machine to pack in paper. With enhanced productivity, the customer didn’t have to choose between profit and the planet.

But empowering businesses to eliminate unnecessary waste doesn’t stop there. We also address this challenge through our service offerings, helping to increase the lifespan of our machines.

In the same way ecosystems live, breathe and evolve, so do our automation ecosystems. With industry-leading 95% OEE, our whole life service not only optimises business performance, but also reduces excess energy usage as a result of poor machine maintenance. From obsolescence planning to preventative maintenance, we strengthen businesses’ green credentials by keeping machines running in prime condition, year after year.

To ensure we offer the best-in-class service, we harness digital innovations grounded in efficient communication and machine connectivity. With Industry 4.0 and COVID-19 accelerating the demand for remote assistance tools, we keep our customers one step ahead with access to the latest remote monitoring technology, including Augmented Reality (AR) and Digital Twinning. Our IMI systems are also built with remote condition awareness and efficient video instructions for optimum productivity and savings.

Through the utilisation of AR, we can develop our customers’ understanding of their machines with live operator training through Microsoft HoloLens. Digital Twinning also opens new possibilities for innovation and collaboration on a scale beyond what we already know. 

By streamlining processes and driving connectivity, we provide technical support much sooner to ensure less downtime and minimal risk to serious machine damage; and with less damage, comes less materials for replacements. Remote working can also avoid unnecessary travel across the country, which in turn reduces our transportation footprint.

Digital innovations like these allow us to be flexible. This is important for businesses responding to evolving requirements and challenges; to compete, they must upgrade and scale up their manufacturing equipment quickly. Mpac’s fast and flexible platforms are designed with adaptable feature, for scalable development. Our Calima converting machine platforms and Diablo assembly platforms are designed so you can add the components you require fast. So, when our customers start with our development volume platform, Proto, then want to scale up to medium- or high-volume (Midi /Maxa platforms), everything has already been considered.

Our adaptable platforms work by boosting operations quickly and seamlessly for those wanting to step up volume. Each machine is designed with a flexible foundation to help customers add the components they require efficiently. Through standardised building elements, module mounting, and pneumatic layouts, we make our machines easier to maintain and more cost-effective for our customers. In as little as 12 weeks, we can configure machinery without compromise, meeting our customers’ needs and exceeding expectations.

Scalable development and modernisations can often represent better value than purchasing a new machine, as well as reducing the amount of overall waste.But we also contribute to less waste by working with customers to develop packaging with less material.By reducing carton sizes, our customers can transport more products at once, and display more products on shelves at any given time. Not only does this limit the number of trucks on the road, but it also impacts the end consumer by reducing shipping costs. Efficiencies like these result in a smaller carbon footprint, helping to protect our environment.

At Mpac, we are passionate about our contribution to a more sustainable supply chain. Whether we are creating efficient machines or providing world-class services to ensure our machines operate at peak OEE, we play our part in protecting the ecosystem that is our planet. As a productivity partner, we provide whole-line solutions overseen in-house for greater control over operational efficiency.

So if you’re ready to embrace a sustainable ecosystem of your own, speak with one of our technical consultants about Mpac’s automation ecosystems today.

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