Mpac Cube features an Advanced Engineering toolkit, which has all the tools you need to develop or visualise your manufacturing process before you physically engineer your final hardware.

With our powerful 3D modelling software and proof of principle innovation services, you will gain a realistic overview of how your optimum production configuration should function, observing the best ways to implement technical processes ahead of investing in the final components of your manufacturing line.

Using our Advanced Engineering services, companies can:

Reduce project risk

Increase commissioning efficiency

Advanced Engineering services include

Digital Twin

A virtual simulation of your production system which helps you understand how it will perform in advance of actual implementation.


Proof of Principle

A physical engineering service that researches, develops and proves manufacturing process capability.

Simulation .

A more “digitally-focussed” proof of principle, using software tools to simulate specific processes which are critical to whole line production.

Automation Consultancy

Listening to your needs and challenges, and helping you find the right approach for your manufacturing strategy.

Machine Vision & Artificial Intelligence

Development of tools for quality assurance and in-machine processes ahead of full-scale implementation.

Advanced Engineering Benefits

Reduce your risk image

Reduce your risk

We empower you to model every aspect of your process and machinery set-up ahead of production, so you can drastically reduce the risk of encountering process issues. We are prepared to offer this as a discrete service, or as part of a larger Mpac build project.

Save time and money image

Save time and money

Our Advanced Engineering services ensure a right-first-time solution. We discover and mitigate issues early, saving you considerable time and money.

More efficiency, less waste image

More efficiency, less waste

Achieve your sustainability goals by maintaining through life OEE, minimising scrap and optimising your machines’ energy usage.

Accelerate your speed to market image

Accelerate your speed to market

We empower you to gain the edge over your competitors and delight your customers by accelerating your development activity, launching new products, and getting them to market faster.

Stay ahead of the competition

Adapt and grow with Mpac Cube

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