With Mpac Cube, you will be able to access documentation at a click, as well as integrating performance data into your own company systems for real-time information about how your machines are running.

Whether it’s yield, OEE, ‘rejects analysis’ or simply why one machine is outperforming others, this rich source of data is essential for an efficient operation.

At Mpac we are a data-driven organisation, and what you can measure, you can improve. Having good machine data helps us help our customers to sustain and improve the productivity of their manufacturing lines.

Mike Lewis, MPAC Innovations Director

Information management services include

Documentation Library

A complete storage function for your machine documentation, from product manuals and drawings to certificates.

Reporting .

Comprehensive report generation on machine metrics, including collating charts, tables and graphs to help you measure performance and identify opportunities for process improvement.


Factory Dashboards

Displaying of machine metrics on local factory dashboards and screens, enabling up-to-date, accurate monitoring.

Data Integration

Enabling you to access machine data through your own company’s MES or SCADA system, uniting your business and engineering protocols.

Validation .

Providing and controlling change of documents which detail specific sector governance for your manufacturing processes, such as CFR21 Part 11, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Information Management Benefits

Everything at your fingertips image

Everything at your fingertips

Save time and effort tracking down the information you need, with all operational data and reference material hosted in one central location.

Working together for improved support image

Working together for improved support

Delivering simpler access to the information you need, enabling us to deliver our fastest, easiest support service ever.

Better awareness means better results image

Better awareness means better results

By producing timely reports and tracking changes, monitoring machine OEE and maintaining compliance becomes a simple task, giving you the insights you need to fine-tune your processes and maximise productivity.

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