Our in-person maintenance works remain fundamental to our all-encompassing service proposition. The world-class team of skilled engineers we have assembled is always on-hand, ready and willing to diagnose and resolve faults.

Whilst our standard machine warranty offers a base service, via Mpac Cube we can offer you the next level of in-person care, anticipating and resolving issues before they occur.

Core Services include

Service Agreements

We implement an agreement to facilitate sustained support, on-site, online and everywhere in-between, for a time frame of your choosing. An agreement built around you.

Embedded Engineer

Following a consultation, we embed an experienced engineer in your operations to support you on a full-time basis to fulfil your specific production objectives.

Technical Audit

An assessment of your machine and benchmarking of its performance to give you strategic recommendations for improvement.

Modernisation / Upgrades

We carry out technical upgrades to ensure that your machine is scaling and evolving to match the needs of your business.

Update Management

Auditing your new components and processes to ensure that they will bolster your manufacturing line without causing issues.

Obsolescence Management

We track where machine components are stocked and warn you in advance when they are being depleted.

Spare Parts

We keep a reserve of pre-approved spare parts for your manufacturing line, mitigating production and lead times when you find yourself in need.

Core Services Benefits

Right first time, every time image

Right first time, every time

Our skilled technicians are with you on site to find the right solution, first time, every time. So you can keep your downtime to an absolute minimum.

Keeping a watchful eye image

Keeping a watchful eye

Mpac technicians have ‘peripheral vision’, not just diagnosing technical issues but also advising on operator process and the myriad of other production line features which can boost your OEE.

Thinking ahead puts you ahead image

Thinking ahead puts you ahead

Our structured service agreement lets you identify what spares are needed and what improvement steps can be taken to prevent your machine from trending out of tolerance, keeping you ahead of the game.

Working around your needs image

Working around your needs

We offer a totally flexible service, agreeing schedules for Mpac technician visits based on your individual requirements and allowing you to forward-plan your production gaps.

Stay ahead of the competition

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