We supply intelligent apps and tools that continually monitor your machine and display in-depth, valuable insights regarding performance levels.

This insight enables you to gain an intimate knowledge of your process, along with key environmental and sustainability metrics such as power consumption, temperature, and air pressure.

Machine Insight enables our customers to:

Plan downtime in advance

Target exact components requiring maintenance

Increase the lifespan of a manufacturing line

Improve the quality of products

Refine manufacturing processes to perfection

Machine Insight services include

Condition Monitor

A constant information feed on the maintenance requirements of all internal and external elements of a machine, enabling you to push every component to maximum efficiency.

Mobile IMI

Our Intelligent Machine Interface enables you to monitor machine data both on a fixed touch screen and also via mobile device, as well as providing essential training resources for operators.

Performance Monitor

Ongoing metrics to help you visualise true production performance enabling you to foresee production bottlenecks and optimise your manufacturing process.

Statistical Process Control

We set benchmark values and diligently monitor your machine’s performance against those values, whether they be a measure of temperature or application of force. This enables us to identify adverse trends before your machine begins to operate out of tolerance and incisively offer solutions.

Environment Monitoring

Supporting your quality assurance process, we monitor ambient factors such as temperature and humidity, enabling you to understand the optimum environmental conditions for your manufacturing line.

Sustainability Monitoring

Monitoring and provision of data indicative of a machine’s carbon footprint, including consumption of power, air and water.

Machine Insight Benefits

Insights drive improvement image

Insights drive improvement

Our tools provide deep insight into machine performance and steer you towards intuitive solutions for constant improvement.

Caring for our world image

Caring for our world

Our diligent monitoring of indicative metrics for a machine’s carbon footprint will empower your business to fully realise its Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability goals.

Machine monitoring guarantees performance   image

Machine monitoring guarantees performance

Our machine insight continually monitors your machine for signs of trending out of tolerance and suggests corrective action to maintain peak performance years and years after purchase.

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